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Highlight your landscaped garden with LED lighting

  • Are you looking to add dimension and interest to your landscaped gardens but want the ability to change it up when you want to?
  • Do you want energy efficient lighting that won’t cost the earth to run?

Landscape LED lighting with Alpha LED Lighting is the perfect solution to add focal points of interest and ambience to your landscaped gardens using energy efficient, coloured, remote controllable LED lights!

Alpha LED Lighting has 13 years’ experience in providing bespoke, high quality landscape LED lighting for our Gold Coast clients.
Whether you have a beautiful entranceway you want to light up, feature trees in your garden you would like to spotlight or you want to illuminate any dark areas of your property for security reasons, Alpha LED Lighting have the expertise, design capability and creativity needed to design your landscape LED lighting solution.

With Alpha LED Lighting’s landscape LED lighting, you can:

  • Illuminate entrance ways, driveways and pathways
  • Feature architectural points
  • Provide security lighting
  • Showcase ponds or water features
  • Highlight intimate seating areas of the home
  • Provide mood lighting
    Recreate moonlit scenes
  • Spotlight trees or sculptures in the garden
  • Silhouette the home

Instant ambience

With landscape LED lighting from the LED lighting experts at Alpha LED Lighting, you can make the most of your landscaped gardens and outdoor space at night by adding instant depth and an atmosphere that you never thought were possible.
Alpha LED Lighting have a range of LED lighting options for garden lighting that can all be remote controlled with a tap of your finger. You can alter colours, intensity and patterns, all with a smart phone or tablet, from wherever you are!


The team at Alpha LED Lighting has over 13 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing landscape LED lighting.¨C14C¨C15C¨C16C¨C17C