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Premium LED Pool Lights

Alpha LED Lighting supplies high-end pool lights incorporating the latest technology /Streamlined design to make your pool look cool and inviting night and day. Our products adhere to Australian Safety standards, and we use qualified electrical trades for our installations. . We also offer plug & play connectivity options on many of our product ranges

We all know how scarce water can be in and around the Australia . One of the major advantages offered by Alpha LED Lighting is our ability to retro-fit our sleek, modern LED pool lights without draining your pool.
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The Advantages of LED Pool Lights

More Light, Less Heat

LED pool lights have transformed the design and installation of pool lighting. Pure, high brightness diodes  that illuminate more efficiently than halogen lights, using less than half of the energy consumption per year.

LED pool lights do not produce light in the same way as halogens. The heat they emit is generated in a particular direction which means they are designed with heat absorbers called  , or ‘heat sinks,’ to remove heat and prevent burn-out or early decay of the diode chipset

This means that LED lights will slowly dim over many years of use, but practically speaking, they will probably outlast other components of the lighting system.

Greater Choice

LED pool lights come in a variety of colours and fittings, which can be pre-programmed and controlled by smartphone apps or touch-pad interface remotes. This gives you unprecedented control over the ambience of your pool – you can change the lighting to suit parties, intimate dinners or relaxing with the family.

The underwater wavelength of LED pool lights vary depending on their colour, therefore

It is important to have coloured LED pool lights fitted by a trained professional for aesthetic reasons. & longevity , We believe premium product & premium installer

Cost Effective

LED pool lights are far more economical than halogens. LED’s are three to five times more efficient than a halogen light, with a 20-watt LED pool light able to emit the equivalent light of a 100-watt halogen bulb. You can expect annual energy savings of up to 80-90%. Modern premium LED pool lights also require less maintenance and replacement than halogen bulbs, saving you even more money over the lifetime of the product.  Our resin sealed light luminaires offer many years of trouble free underwater operating hours

Installing LED Pool Lights

We do not recommend DIY installation of LED pool lights. We recommend a trained electrical professional to  perform work on water equipment due to safety regulations. All of our LED pool lights are Australian Safety standards compliant and we offer safe, professional installation to ensure you get the best LED Pool lighting designed to suit your requirements.

Alpha LED Lighting ticks all of the boxes:

  • Safety – we use premium products that meet or exceed Australian Safety Standards
  • Savings – enjoy massive savings over the lifetime of our premium products
  • Stunning effects – get real aesthetic appeal with a modern twist light shows & programmed scenes are quite amazing offering MOOD LIGHTING for whatever the mood takes you, Relax in your own Oasis of colour
  • Service – our experienced team can design, manufacture and install to your specs

Are you building a new pool? Perhaps you want to retrofit an existing pool? Call today to discuss your LED pool lighting. We ship Australia-wide from our online store, or we can visit properties in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area for obligation-free quote.